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If you want to read the most exciting and mysterious fictional story of this year, then this is the book for you. Here is the first preview of The Way Life Shifts book and to read more grab your copy today!

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About The…

The Way Life Shifts Book

The Way Life shifts book was written to bring a shift into people’s lives, open their minds, and focus on what truly matters. All that matters in life is unconditional LOVE!

This story is romantic science fiction about two people, Fawna and Chris, who are brought together by fate. A complicated love triangle forms when a man named Bryce comes into their life. All of their lives shift in a way that is unimaginable.

The story opens a gateway in the reader’s mind to be free thinkers and realize that there are endless possibilities – the realization there is potentially a supernatural and spirit world.

The reader will appreciate soulful connections with others and pay attention to the spiritual parallels that bring us closer to that special person in our lives…

The story explores 11:11 twin flame love, interracial relationships, and the possibility that other life forms exist on Earth. It also deals with human trafficking of drugs and other tragic events currently going on in the world today.

The reader will realize that what you think you see is not what you see. What you’ve been told is the truth, is a lie. However, just like any other story, this story also has a bad one, the dark one, the one who lies, the one who cheats, the one who kills for his unholy mission. He seems indestructible, but it is the power of the Gods in the knife that scares him. So, will the power of love slay the beast? Will it put an end to the reign of terror of the monsters mocking the whole of humanity? Will Love win this time around as well, or will it take another shift?

The story sends a message for all people in the world to come together and unite as one and embrace all of their beautiful differences. This way, we can all appreciate our similarities. It is the last call for people to work together so that we can save humanity.

The story provokes and stimulates your mind, body, and spirit and leads you onto a path of higher consciousness. It is never too late to start your journey. After reading this book, your life will shift.

About The Author


Leslie King is an aspiring author and an inspirational personality who has a real knack for storytelling as is apparent in his latest masterpiece.

His creative brilliance comes from him being in tune with his higher self and his appreciation for leading a simple and authentic life.

He sees the beauty in the world and is personally inspired by the physical, emotional and spiritual differences of all people.

The thought of the book, “The Way Life Shifts” has been inside the creative author’s mind for quite some time, but he was waiting for the perfect time to share it with the world.

The time is here and he has decided to bestow his readers with his latest contribution to the literary world.

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Why Read It?

This story is a thought-provoking roller-coaster ride. No matter how much you want the ride to stop, there is no way you can get off! Just as you think you have it figured out, each chapter will continue to shift. The story is full of symbolism and hidden gems of knowledge. Each reader will have a different perspective and understanding of the story, which makes it a great conversation piece. This is the perfect book for couples to read and enjoy together.

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The Way Life Shifts

If you are into intimate romance novels, that isn’t complete without a twist, you are at the right place. Watch the official video trailer of The Way Life Shifts by Leslie King. Find out what the characters encounter in this mind-blowing book, and where it leads them as a couple.


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